Antiram Bollards

Antiram security bollards
Bollard – SP400

High Security Bollard – SP400

The ATG Access SP400 is available in a multitude of finishes and operation types making this product one of our most versatile high security bollards.


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Bollard SP1200

High Security Bollard – SP1200

The strongest bollard available in today’s market place and the first product to be impact tested with a 30,000 kg truck at 50 mph.


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Bollard SP1000

High Security Bollard – SP1000

The first of our bollards to be impact tested as part of the PAS 68 testing program and through this proven to be one of the strongest bollards available in the security market.

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VP Heavy Duty Automatic Bollard

VP Heavy Duty Bollard

The ATG Access VP Heavy Duty bollard has been successfully impact tested in accordance with PAS 68 certification to arrest a 1,500 kg vehicle at 32 kph.


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