Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic security bollards
Bollard 101 500

Telescopic Bollard 101 500

ATG Access’s round telescopic security bollard 101 500 is easy to operate, install and service. Only available in black, this product is ideal to protect your driveway and garage or alternatively provide a second layer of security to a residential gate.


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Bollard 101 670

Telescopic Bollard 101 670

ATG Access’s most popular round telescopic security bollard is the 101 670 which is an insurance company recommended product; easy to operate, install and service.


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Bollard 90

Square Fixed Security Bollard 90

Our most popular telescopic security bollard, the Square Telescopic Security Bollard 90, offers a great combination of performance and value for money making it suitable for warehouse perimeter protection, ATM security, industrial park security and retail park perimeter protection.

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Bollard 114 670

Telescopic Bollard 114 670

With an increased diameter, this security bollard is both aesthetically pleasing and an effective deterrent for would-be-thieves or ram-raiders.



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Bollard 114 900

Telescopic Security Bollard 114 900

The fully telescopic 114 900 bollard is designed to have high visibility due to the products height above ground, used to restrict vehicle access within busy urban areas with high pedestrian flow such as universities, stadiums and town centres.

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Telescopic Security Bollard 168 900

Telescopic Security Bollard 168 900

This product is larger than most security bollards and ideal for heavy duty perimeter protection on key sites such as police stations, railway station entrances and retail parks.

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