Automatic Bollards

We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of automatic rising bollards systems and associated equipment for use in a number of projects, from private driveways to city centre regeneration all across the UK.

Automatic security bollards are an effective and convenient way to help prevent or solve problems such as the unauthorised use of parking spaces, restriction of road access, and offer additional security to buildings and spaces. They also offer a visual and physical deterrent to potential theft of vehicles and other criminal behaviour.

With almost 20 years of experience in security bollards and access control, you can rest assured that our team will thoroughly discuss and assess your specific needs, and work to deliver a product tailor made for you.

We only work with manufacturers we believe offer the most reliable and highest quality products, and are constantly looking for new and innovative products to further complement our range.

With a full technical support and aftercare service, we will always have someone at the end of the phone or email when you need. All our products are fully tested prior to leaving our warehouse to ensure operation

Automatic Bollard

Residential Bollards – Automatic

With ease of use and cost effectiveness, our range of residential driveway security bollards are an effective way to prevent vehicle theft and nuisance parking of private land. Available as either electro mechanical for a low use, cost friendly solution or as hydraulic for a more intense use. The residential range of posts are unobtrusive whilst providing effective protection where needed. Our residential range of security posts can be controlled in a variety of ways, ensuring the user can operate the system with minimal effort.

What are residential security bollards?

Security bollards, parking bollards, drop down bollards. All these commonly refer to automatic rising bollards used on residential applications. Security bollards are commonly used when there is a need to protect property and people in a designated area. Residential parking bollards are designed to secure private locations, helping to prevent unauthorised use of private car parking spaces and driveways. The use of security bollards also serves as a visual deterrent and can help to prevent attempted theft of vehicles and property, along with offering a physical security barrier between the road and the protected area.

Whilst any automatic security bollards can be a considerable purchase, they can help offer peace of mind and we will thoroughly discuss all the options available to you to ensure you get the best value for money system that’s right for you.

Commercial Bollards – Automatic

Automatic Bollards – Highway Approved

Automatic bollards have become an everyday sight in todays town and city centres with more and more local authorities choosing rising bollards as a way of introducing traffic calming and pedestrian only areas.Bollards Security’s automatic rising bollards are the result of over 20 years of development. The rising bollards use a hydraulic system with a built-in pump, making the automatic bollards the most reliable for use for any application.

Bollard Security’s automatic rising bollards come in a wide range of sizes and a choice of options including:

  • Custom colours of the bollard cylinder to match surrounding area
  • Flashing lights and sounder in the bollard head to ensure visibility and safety
  • Bollard blackout device in case of power failure, bollard power unit for use during blackout
  • Integration with access control and our bespoke fault monitoring system to give complete control
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