Stoppy B 200/700 – Electro Mechanical Bollard

Supply From: £1,611.52

Supply From: £1,611.52

The Stoppy B 200/700 is the next size up in this range offering a taller and wider fully automatic bollard.

These electro mechanical bollards are aesthetically pleasing and provide a great deterrent against vehicle theft. Operated by key fob, from your smartphone or via an intercom, there will be an option that is suitable for your needs.

If you are looking for a great value automatic bollard with the latest electromechanical and security technology, then the Stoppy-B is a perfect choice.

All the automatic bollard require a Perseo CBD dedicated control panel which manages up to 4 bollards in parallel and comes with programming menu on the display, integrated heating element and an incorporated receiver.

If you would like any more advice on the various options and installation please contact us on 01535 509001

  • Diameter: 200mm
  • Height: 700mm above ground
  • Bollard wall thickness: 6mm



Additional information


Suitable for residential and commercial applications

Operator Type

Electro mechanical

Bollard Material

Galvanised steel or grade 316 stainless steel (dependant on option chosen)

Bollard Wall Thickness


Height (above ground)




Rising Time

9 Seconds

Control Unit

Perseo CBD

Breaking Resistance

110,000 joules


Electric brake

Manual Operation

In the event of a power cut the bollard will lower automatically

Frequency of Use

Up to 500 operations per day

Manufacturing Standards

BS1440 and BS EN ISO 1461 (2009)


12 month for product and installation