Pillar B 275/800 SD – Hydraulic Bollard

Supply From: £3,706.00

Supply From: £3,706.00

A hydraulic bollard for very intensive use, with a range of different models to suit a number of different application requirements. The security device (SD) version is particularly suitable for sensitive sites such as ministries, airports and other buildings of importance, as the shaft raises in the event of a power failure. The standard version is suitable for public installations where the shaft must lower freeing the passage in the event of a power failure. These bollards have been designed and built with the aim of simplifying maintenance with the hydraulic pump located under the flange.

PERSEO CBD dedicated control panel: manages up to 4 bollards in parallel, programming menu on the display, integrated heating element and incorporated receiver.

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  • Diameter: 275mm
  • Height: 800mm above ground
  • Bollard wall thickness: 10mm
  • SD version – the shaft raises in the event of a power failure
  • LED light crown



Additional information


Suitable for commercial applications

Crash Rating

PAS 68: 2010 MIRA

Operator Type


Bollard Material

Galvanised steel or grade 316 stainless steel (dependant on option chosen)

Bollard Wall Thickness


Height (above ground)




Optional LED Light Crown

LED light crown around the top of the bollard

Rising Time

6.5 seconds

Control Unit

Perseo CBD

Breaking Resistance

250000 joules

Frequency of Use

Up to 3000 operations per day

Manufacturing Standards

BS1440 and BS EN ISO 1461 (2009)


12 month for product and installation