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    3 ways that bollards boost safety and security at public events

    Metal Electric Bollards in public area

    We’re properly into the swing of the festive season now, so you may well be finalising the preparations for your Christmas or New Year’s events. If that’s the case, it may be a good idea to think think about whether it’s worth incorporating any additional bollards into the boundaries of your event space. With decades of experience behind us here at Bollard Security, we’re well-versed in all the different ways that they can make everything safer and easier on the day – for you, your team and your attendees alike. Here are three of the biggest ways they can help!

    Protect the physical wellbeing of your attendees

    This is obviously a pretty significant advantage – and for the vast majority of our customers, it’s the most important one. Even lighter bollards (like our telescopic bollards) can pose a robust physical obstacle to passing traffic, helping to protect your attendees from the risk of collisions. It’s worth noting that a car doesn’t necessarily need to be being driven carelessly or maliciously to pose a danger to pedestrians; sometimes all it takes is a simple confusion as to whether cars or pedestrians have right of way.

    The cars in question might be being driven on-site by fellow attendees going to or from the venue, or they might be cars being driven on a nearby public highway, or possibly simply by other drivers who may be using the space – say another company’s employees working in a nearby building, who might be caught off-guard by pedestrians moving in areas and from angles that they might not normally expect.

    Whatever the circumstances, you can always rely on bollards to pose a handy physical barrier to protect your guests. As far as said guests are concerned, it will be the most important function your bollards serve, by far. For that reason alone, it’s worth thinking well in advance about not just the main areas you’ll need to cover, but also about the areas where the risks but still be present, but not quite as obvious.

    Demarcation of your event boundaries

    As well as physically protecting your guests, bollards are also useful for marking the boundaries of your event, both to attendees and the wider public alike. That’s particularly useful if you’re holding your event in a public space that people would normally expect to find open, such as a car park or semi-pedestrianised public square.

    In this way, it protects not just the physical space of your event, but its privacy too, and prevents any unwanted intrusions – either from people knowingly trying to drive or park their cars where they shouldn’t, or from people who might otherwise accidentally find themselves driving into the event, with no interest or intention to do so.

    Provide peace of mind

    As well as the practical benefits of bollards, they also fulfil a more subtle (but equally important) purpose. Essentially, they serve as physical evidence to your guests – and the general public – that you’re taking their safety seriously, and that you’re well aware of the most likely risks they’ll face. That helps to put them more at ease at your event, and put a greater trust in your organisation and your team. This boost in trust, coupled with the general sense of order that bollards can help to establish, can ultimately make things a lot easier for your staff, and just generally make your event go more smoothly overall.

    These are just a couple of the most universal advantages – you may well discover several more benefits specific to your event! Whatever type of bollards you’re looking for, you can always count on us to supply them here at Bollard Security – and for the best prices, too! For over 15 years, we’ve been installing and maintaining security solutions across the UK for domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, and we take pride in providing quality products that give our customers peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509001 for advice and recommendations on the best telescopic bollards or removable bollards for your event!