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Electro Mechanical Automatic Bollards

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Showing all 8 results

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Electro Mechanical Automatic Bollards Specification

Our electro-mechanical automatic bollards are one of our most popular types of automatic bollard. Electro-mechanical automatic bollards are even more cost-effective than their hydraulic counterparts, and they’re an ideal solution for low usage applications, such as domestic or residential settings. However, we can also offer a high usage variant of each model as required.

Just as with all automatic bollards, these bollards don’t need any kind of manual interaction from the user. The shaft uses an internal threaded rod called a worm drive which turns when activated, enabling the bollard to rise or lower.

Our range of electro mechanical bollards are available in various diameters and heights, and include the following options:

• Anti ram raid classification to suit applications
• Various break-in values
• LED light crown
• Soundbox (audible warning when the bollard is in operation)
• Various methods of operation, including a fob, keypad, intercom and mobile phone
• Induction loops (these handy devices can be configured to ensure that bollard does not rise when a vehicle is moving over the top, or set up so that the bollards are automatically lowered on exit)

You can take your pick between stainless steel or galvanised steel options for your own applications. If you’ve got any questions about our electro mechanical bollards, or you need some more in-depth advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07739 790934.