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    Can I use a parking post as a security bollard?

    It’s a common question that we get asked fairly often here at Bollard Security. You might be thinking to yourself ‘What’s the difference really?’, or ‘Surely they’re the same thing?’. Well, the truth of the […]

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    How strong are telescopic bollards?

    With so many makes, models, sizes and strength options out there, we understand it can be difficult to know exactly what it is you’re getting for your money when you opt for one of our […]

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    security motion sensor

    4 effective ways to deter burglars and intruders

    Here’s a startling statistic – it’s estimated that an average of 133 cars are stolen every day in Britain. That’s 933 cars per week! Some of these are stolen with keyless technology, but plenty are […]

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    What can you do if someone parks on your driveway?

    Someone parking without permission on your driveway is a hugely annoying problem, and one that nobody wants to deal with. It’s not unusual for those affected to consider calling the police, especially if it’s happening […]

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    Do the colours of your bollard matter?

    It’s one of those questions that crops up from time to time – and to be honest, to some degree it comes down to personal preference. However, the colour of your bollard does serve some […]

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    automatic bollards

    5 key advantages of automatic bollards

    When out and about, you may have seen homes with automatic driveway bollards or perhaps you’ve seen automatic bollards being used on roads or outside businesses? Whatever it might be, a common factor for the […]

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