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    automatic bollards

    Are automatic bollards affected by the cold?

    When it comes to security and access control, few things are better than automatic bollards. They’re durable, long-lasting and impact-resistant, making them the perfect solution to deter   trespassers and unwanted vehicles. Bollards are the […]

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    Why is access control so important around schools?

    The average school takes in hundreds of children and teenagers every day, so it goes without saying that the buildings and facilities must be secure to ensure the safety of the students. Efficient access control […]

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    The top 3 advantages of stainless steel bollards

    When selecting bollards for your property, there are a variety of options to choose from. Some bollards are best suited to residential properties, while others are designed for commercial and industrial sites. However, when it […]

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    security bollards

    The 4 top uses of security bollards across the UK

    Though some of today’s security bollards can be highly technologically advanced, all are still relatively simple security features by nature – but it’s exactly that simplicity which makes them so versatile, capable of fulfilling a […]

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