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High Security Insurance Approved Bollard Specifications

Our Insurance Approved Telescopic Bollards are endorsed by the UK’s insurance industry for the exemplary standard of security they provide. To earn this classification, these bollards must all pass a rigorous series of tests to prove that they are 100% secure.

Each one has been manufactured to exacting standards, with a focus on robust build quality and clean, unobtrusive aesthetics. That makes them the perfect fit for controlling access in a wide range of environments, from residential driveways to commercial forecourts, car parks or shop fronts.

All of our telescopic bollards are fully retractable, and are available in a variety of heights, diameters and finishes. Several of them are fitted with a lift-assisted mechanism to facilitate even easier deployment.

They’re designed to be simple to operate – they can be raised vertically out of the grown, and when in the upright position they’re then locked into place using the integrated locking system. To grant access to the restricted area, they can simply be unlocked and lowered back into the steel tube, which is concreted into the ground. A steel flap can then be closed over the lowered bollard, leaving the entire system flush with the ground level.

If you’d like any recommendations or more tailored advice on any of our Insurance Approved Telescopic Bollards, please feel free to contact one of our sales team on 07739 790934.