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Lift Assisted Telescopic Bollards

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Showing all 11 results

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Lift Assisted Telescopic Bollard Specification

Identical in appearance to the standard manual telescopic bollards but with the added advantage of being lift assisted.

These lift assisted telescopic bollards are designed to reduce the lifting weight of the bollard by up to 70% thus allowing the units to be raised and lowered with minimum effort. The lift assist option is available on the larger sized heavy duty rising bollards which are manufactured to an anti ram raid specification and will provide the maximum protection against an attempted ram raid attack. Due to the additional weight of these heavy duty telescopic bollards and to reduce the risk of any injury for the user, the lift assist option is available across our range of anti ram raid bollards.

The security bollards are raised vertically out of the ground and when in the upright position are locked into place using the integrated locking system. To lower the bollard is a matter of simply unlocking and lowering back into the steel tube which is concreted into the ground. A steel flap is then closed over the bollard leaving the whole system flush with the ground level.

All of our telescopic bollards have been awarded the Sold Secure and Secure by Design accreditations.

Our wide range of lift assisted telescopic bollards include the following specification and options:

– Various heights and diameters.

– Various steel wall thickness for additional anti ram capabilities.

– All lift assisted telescopic bollards have a 10 pin push-button lock with two keys as standard.

– All of our telescopic range is fitted with a Sold Secure lock which has been attack tested, making it drill, tamper and pick proof.

– Stainless steel or galvanised steel with a powder-coated RAL colour of your choice.

– Company branding can be matched, simply provide us with the RAL colour code and we will do the rest.

– Keyed alike or keyed separately.

– Various lifting weights.

– Steel inserts can be added for additional bollard strength.

– Matching removable variants for most bollards are available. Due to the shallow depth of the socket, these are ideal for applications where underground services mean deep excavations are impossible.

Browse our range of lift-assisted bollards and get in touch with our team for a quote today.