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Telescopic Parking Posts

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Telescopic parking posts and installation services

Take your pick from an array of handy telescopic parking posts here at Bollard Security, all available at the very best prices. Each one has been designed to exacting standards, enabling it to provide a reliable security solution for commercial and residential premises.

Our telescopic parking posts are affordable, and easy to operate, install, and service. Each one makes for a highly effective defence against vehicle theft, serving as a robust physical obstacle as well as a solid visual deterrent. As well as protecting your own vehicle, it can also be used for preventing unwanted parking on your premises.

At Bollard Security, you can choose telescopic parking posts from a range of different sizes and specifications, including a choice of colours to ensure they effortlessly blend in with the appearance and aesthetics of their surrounding environment.

If you can’t the bollard you’re looking for, or if you have a bespoke requirement for a more specialist application, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales team. We’re here to help!