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    5 key advantages of automatic bollards

    automatic bollards

    When out and about, you may have seen homes with automatic driveway bollards or perhaps you’ve seen automatic bollards being used on roads or outside businesses? Whatever it might be, a common factor for the people who had these installed is they’ll all be making the most of the many advantages these innovative pieces of equipment can bring. Here are five examples of such advantages, with a little more information on each about why having automatic bollards fitted can be such a smart move.

    1. Extra security

    Firstly, automatic bollards are a means of protecting your home and/or business both inside and out. They’ll prevent any vehicle theft from your property if they’re installed on your driveway or site exits and, moreover, they’ll stop any unauthorised vehicles and would-be thieves from entering these areas.

    2. Added convenience

    Unlike other types of bollards, automatic ones are also more convenient and don’t require any manual effort on your part to move them. To build on the previous point, they also give you more control over your security.

    3. Improved safety

    By being able to control your automatic bollards – and by simply having them as a barrier – it means any drivers who want to get on to your property will have to either stop or slow down. In turn, this means you’re less likely to suffer any damage to your buildings from careless drivers and your drives or access points will be much safer. This is ideal for businesses that also have high customer footfall.

    4. Bonus kerb appeal

    From an aesthetic point of view, telescopic bollards can make your property more noticeable, whether it’s turning more customers’ heads, or boosting the kerb appeal of your home. You can also get them in different styles and colours to match any business branding, for an added touch of class.

    Equally, as you can control them if you wish for them to be more discreet, you can lower your bollards as and when you want.

    5. More peace of mind

    Last but not least, the combination of all the above means you can make the most of the added peace of mind that your investment in automatic bollards is bringing you as there are so many benefits.

    If all of the above has convinced you that having automatic bollards installed at your home or business premises is the right choice, then make sure you browse the huge range you have to choose from here at Bollard Security. We even provide automatic bollards in a wide choice of colours, ensuring you’ll get the best match for your buildings.

    If you need any further support with your purchases, or some additional buying advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01535 509001. Our teams will be happy to support you and can help find the best automatic bollards for your circumstances.