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    Bollards vs. other security measures: why bollards stand out

    parking posts

    Whether you’re protecting public property, or looking to feel a little safer in your home, there are plenty of security measures out there. So, why choose bollard posts? In a range of different sizes and styles, including stainless steel retractable designs and removable options, let’s take a look at why bollards are the best bet for keeping your land secure.

    Physically stop vehicles

    One of the main draws of bollard posts is that they’re the only security system that actually prevents vehicles from going where they’re not supposed to. A security camera, light, or alarm can deter drivers, but if they’re bold enough they can still drive on, leading to potential disturbances on your land and uninvited guests. With parking posts, though, you stop the problem in its tracks. Even if they wanted to, they physically couldn’t get past your posts.

    Peace of mind for pedestrians

    Linked directly to their ability to block off areas to vehicles, by the same token telescopic bollards can also be used to protect pedestrian pathways. These can be in public spaces like supermarket car parks or shopping centres, or even internal commercial environments like factories or warehouses – here, bollards can be used to demarcate designated pedestrian paths, preventing them from being crossed by forklifts, mechanised carts or other vehicles. Essentially, wherever there’s a potential risk to pedestrians, bollards can always help to provide complete peace of mind. 

    Prevent the theft of vehicles

    If you’re concerned about vehicles being stolen, bollards will give you complete peace of mind. Also known as driveway security posts, these bollards are placed at the entrances and exits of driveways so that any cars within the parking area are safe from theft. Just note that you’ll need retractable bollards for this purpose so that the drivers can still move in and out!

    Suit your aesthetics

    Whatever your style, there’s a bollard to match. From sleek, minimal stainless steel posts that smoothly retract for a contemporary, corporate feel to bright yellow telescopic bollards for when high-level security is your first priority, you can decide. You could also add elements to your bollards, like gold gilding for a traditional touch or high-visibility reflective strips for practical purposes.

    Cost-effective deterrents

    With less technology needed than other security solutions and in a range of styles to suit your budget, bollards don’t have to break the bank. A simple style of post can make a cost-effective security solution for your site, especially if you’re only looking for a temporary solution. You can also scale up your post depending on your budget, adding more features depending on what you need to create bollards that suit your project.

    At Bollard Security, we’ve been installing parking bollards, parking posts, and driveway posts across the UK for over 15 years, making us the expert choice for bollards. With a wide range of products to suit your needs, including automatic and fixed posts, we’ll be able to provide the security solutions you’re looking for. To learn more or find out our recommendations for your site, get in touch with our experts today and we’ll be more than happy to help!