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    How bollards protect your equipment and vehicles

    Security Bollards next to vehicle

    At Bollard Security, we understand that maintaining a solid security system is crucial to safeguarding your vehicles and outdoor assets. Protecting your assets and vehicles is paramount, especially for businesses operating in public areas. Installing telescopic security bollardsautomatic barriers and other deterrents effectively prevents unauthorised access, accidental collisions, and thefts on your property – and here’s why!

    Bollards for enhanced security

    Bollards are sturdy barriers between your valuable equipment and potential harm. Their robust build withstands high-impact forces, effectively shielding your assets. They offer a sense of security, assuring protection against breaches that threaten business, such as theft or damage. Installing bollards provides peace of mind, reinforcing your business property’s defence and drastically minimise potential risks – especially with keyless car theft on the rise.

    Bollards prevent keyless car theft

    In an era of evolving car theft techniques, the threat of keyless car exploitation looms large. Organised gangs or thieves are becoming adept at intercepting radio wave signals to remotely unlock and start vehicles, leaving owners susceptible to theft, which is never welcome or convenient – even if you have insurance.

    Telescopic bollards like our R5 Telescopic Bollard and  D4 Telescopic Bollard models offer a lasting solution; equipped with drill-proof locks and robust construction, these bollards serve as a formidable deterrent against car theft, ensuring optimal security for vehicles parked on your business premises.

    Keep your work premises safe at all times

    Telescopic bollards protect valuable assets in industrial settings, such as manufacturing units, conveyor systems, and machinery, to ensure safety and uninterrupted production processes. These robust posts also make excellent protective barriers for loading docks and warehouse assets, ensuring the safety of inventory, pallet racks, and potentially dangerous equipment like forklifts against possible impacts and unauthorised access.

    Bollards are also a great option to secure outdoor areas in commercial spaces such as restaurants, safeguarding seating zones and generators from potential vehicle collisions, deliberate damage, or even theft.

    What’s more, they can even be used to protect company car parks and prevent any of your staff’s vehicles from accidental or intentional harm, as well as your equipment. A few strategically placed barriers create a physical and visual deterrent, protecting against theft or vandalism and helping maintain operational continuity by outlining specific areas within a company’s premises.

    Effectively manage pedestrian flow with bollards

    Managing pedestrian flow in commercial and industrial settings becomes notably more efficient with bollards, particularly for businesses with high foot traffic and frequent guests. When positioned along designated walkways within warehouses or industrial sites, automatic bollards such as our Michelangelo BT A60 24v  effectively guide employees and visitors, ensuring safe routes and preventing access to hazardous areas like machinery zones or loading docks. Bollards also serve as valuable tools for defining security checkpoints and access control areas, streamlining foot traffic, and upholding any security measures.

    In commercial settings, bollards will help direct customer traffic, prevent overcrowding, and manage queues during peak times, enhancing the customer experience and maintaining a degree of order.

    Our lockable products hold the Secured by Design accreditation

    At Bollard Security, our lockable products proudly hold the Secured by Design accreditation, ensuring top-notch security for your home. Established in 1989, Secured by Design focuses on enhancing security through design and quality products, significantly reducing crime risks. This initiative sets high-level standards, proving effective against physical attacks and reducing burglary rates and criminal damage. So you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

    This is a brief overview of why bollards are the ultimate security investment when it comes to protecting your vehicles and equipment. If you are interested in any of our bollards or need assistance deciding which variety is best suited for your property, we are happy to help!

    At Bollard Security, we offer a vast range of telescopic and automatic bollards, and our team of experts are readily available to assist you in selecting the ideal ones for your needs. Get in touch on 01756 636 196, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you protect your business and investments even further!