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    How to better control pedestrian flow in a commercial environment


    Optimising pedestrian flow is vital to maintaining a safe, successful and accident-free commercial environment, especially in heavily crowded areas. Crucially, it can help you avoid particularly irritating issues such as long queues, as well as averting the risk of more serious health and safety problems.

    Maintaining order when running a large, multifaceted and fast paced business is of the utmost importance. So, we’ll be covering telescopic security bollards, automatic barriers, and the best ways to implement them into your business for greater efficiency and control on your premises.

    Keep a watchful eye on car parks with automatic barriers

    It’s vital to be able to keep an eye on who is entering and leaving your premises, so that you can guarantee the security of your assets – and most importantly, the safety of your staff. This can be particularly difficult in fast-paced commercial environments, which tend to have a constant stream of visitors coming and going.

    Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem – like our in the form of installing automatic barriers such as our Michelangelo BT A60 24v. This barrier is our mid-level barrier for intensive usage, so it’s perfect for busy environments where it will be constantly opening and shutting all day. The barrier is also available with an optional backup battery power supply system which can be installed inside the cabinet. That will keep it working, and keep your premises protected, in the event of a power failure.

    Use bollards to clearly mark restricted areas

    Bollards provide the ideal solution when it comes to keeping people away from commercial workspaces, or informing pedestrians of privately owned land and buildings. By simply placing a number of bollards on the perimeter of the premises, you can let people know exactly what is off-limits to the public (as well as keeping unwanted visitors at bay).

    Here at Bollard Security we have a number of different bollards available to suit a host of requirements – including the worlds only, fully automatic and wireless retractable bollard that disappear into the ground at the push of a button. Perfect for maintaining controlled access to restricted areas! We also have completely removable bollards, as well as fixed bollards, telescopic bollards, and automatic bollards in varying shades for maximum visibility. We have an option to suit every business need and environment, whatever your requirements.

    Bollards are also excellent at keeping unwanted cars out if there’s ever a space that’s too small or large for automatic barriers. Perhaps your business is easily accessible to the public, on a busy street or a main road and you want to let drivers know that access is not permitted. In this case, our range of heavy duty bollards provide the ideal solution.

    This collection has been awarded the Sold Secure and Secured by Design accreditations, so you can expect only exceptional standards of security. Take a look at our SB12 heavy duty telescopic bollard for example. This option is fully retractable and easily secures areas when in its upright, locked position. It can be lowered below ground at your convenience to allow any permitted vehicles onto the premises. This particular option is ideal for area demarcation where access may be required occasionally.

    These are just a few of our top picks that will greatly help you in preventing unwanted visitors from entering your premises. If you’re interested in any of our bollards, or need any help in deciding which variety are best suited to the needs of your property, then we’re only too happy to help. Here at Bollard Security, we have a huge variety of bollards and parking posts to choose from, and our in-house experts are on hand to help you work out which ones are best for you. Give us a call on 01756 636 196 to see what we can do for your business!