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    How you can improve your hotel security

    hotel barrier

    The UK tourism industry pulls in over £100 billion every year. This is partly down to the high standards maintained by those across the hospitality industry in this country, never letting even the smallest details go unnoticed. Whether it’s a bright smile at the hotel reception, a complimentary breakfast, or a couple of little mints on your pillow, going the extra mile is all part of providing a quality service. The same care and attention should also be afforded to your hotel security measures as well.

    That’s exactly where we can help here at Bollard Security. Security is our top priority, and we provide a wide range of telescopic bollards for you to implement in particularly sensitive zones around your hotel as part of an effective safety strategy. So, what other factors do you need to keep in mind when thinking about introducing an effective security scheme for your hotel?

    Security guards

    Ideally, you’ll want people to think of your hotel as a safe space that guests can use to rest and use as a base point for their luggage and possessions. However, unfortunately thieves, vandals and trespassers are all a more-or-less constant concern, as any one could potentially pose a threat to the safety and well-being of your guests.

    Manned guarding is an effective solution to this problem. Security guards at the front desk can check the ID cards of guests, or request reservation names, and can serve as quite an effective deterrent against intruders just by the sight of them alone. However, you’ll want to be fairly sparing with how you use them – typically you’re not going to want the front of your hotel to look like the entrance hall to a particularly rough nightclub.

    Access control equipment

    These are very common security measures that frequently deployed in many hotels across the nation, and with good reason. By providing your guests with key cards to access stairways and their rooms, you can remove the need to check their credentials every time they enter the building. Guests can therefore be safe in the knowledge that their belongings are secure, and intruders are unable to easily gain access to their rooms.

    This measure also offsets the need to hire an excessive amount of security guards. However, it’s worth taking care to cover the variety of different entry and exit points in your hotel, and have access control equipment fitted in all areas where entry might be possible.

    Secure parking

    Vehicle thefts can be extremely lucrative and yield serious rewards for criminal gangs, so car park security will probably always be one of your key concerns. Even if cars aren’t stolen, they can still be vandalised or have goods taken from the interiors. You can prevent the risk of your car park falling victim to theft by imposing measures like barriers, high-tech solutions like automatic number plate recognition systems, and security bollards.

    We can help you with that last one here at Bollard Security – we possess a huge stock of all types of security bollards and parking posts to suit any need. From high security fixed bollards to anti ram raid telescopic bollards, we’ve got the best fits for your business. And if you ever need any guidance or you’ve got questions that need answering, you can call up one of our in-house experts on 01535 509001 – we’re always happy to see how we can help.