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    Is your car one of the UK’s most stolen in 2023?

    stolen car

    As you may have read in our previous post, the DVLA has recently released a sample of its latest data in relation to vehicle crime, in response to a Freedom of Information request. It shows that there were a total of 64,4087 vehicles reported stolen in 2023, which marks an almost 5% increase on the previous year. That works out to about 176 cars stolen every single day, or one car stolen roughly every eight minutes from somewhere in the United Kingdom.

    Here at Bollard Security, we’re passionate about doing everything we can to help prevent you from experiencing that nightmare scenario, which is why we offer an extensive range of driveway bollards and parking posts, to help protect your car. The data shows that some cars are statistically more likely to be targeted than others – so is your car amongst the UK’s most stolen in 2023? Here are the top 3 positions!

    Ford Fiesta – 5979 stolen in 2023

    The Fiesta is a party on four wheels. It has a long history as the best selling car in the UK, and today there are millions on the roads. Unfortunately, that also means there’s no shortage of options for prospective thieves to choose from – and when your Fiesta gets stolen, that’s when the party’s over. By some estimates, the Ford Fiesta is estimated to be involved in as much as 12% of all car thefts. 

    What’s more, it’s likely to retain its unenviable position on lists like this one for some time yet, as the model has recently been discontinued. Its well-established popularity, combined with the inevitable demand for spares, means that it’ll probably remain a target for prospective thieves for some years yet.  

    Ford Focus – 2220 stolen in 2023

    Like the Fiesta, the Ford Focus is perennially popular with British buyers, and it’s no wonder why. It’s comfortable, affordable, economical to run, and highly versatile. That makes it an attractive choice for experienced and novice drivers alike. Again, there’s well over a million of them on the roads. 

    Those same qualities make them particularly easy for traders to sell – including, unfortunately, those without a huge interest in the provenance of their vehicles. (In other words, the dealers that car thieves sometimes sell to.) For that reason alone, even if you have a relatively old Ford Fiesta, it’s still worth investing in and installing driveway bollards and parking posts. 

    Land Rover Discovery – 1880 stolen in 2023

    To be completely transparent, there’s still some controversy surrounding the status of Land Rover as one of the UK’s most stolen cars. In fact, the chief executive of the manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, was so irritated by the suggestions that he went on record specifically denying that it was the UK’s most stolen car, and that the reporting around it did not take into account the full context of the data. (And in fairness, that’s the tricky thing about data – it’s easy to draw multiple different conclusions from the same set of numbers.) 

    However, regardless of the semantics around the ‘most stolen’ title, there’s no question that Land Rovers are indeed frequently targeted, to the point where some owners in London struggling to get affordable insurance. 

    If you’re looking to protect your own vehicle, you’re in exactly the right place – at Bollard Security, that’s what we do best. We’ve got an excellent range of them to choose from, including the D4 Telescopic Bollard, constructed from robust galvanised steel. And of course, if you’re looking for something a little different to suit your requirements – or if you have any questions or need any advice – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    For over 15 years, we’ve been installing and maintaining security solutions across the UK for domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, and we take pride in providing quality products that give our customers peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509001 for advice and recommendations on the best Telescopic Bollards for your business premises!