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    Key considerations for choosing your driveway security bollards


    Choosing driveway bollards for your home is very different to choosing security bollards for business premises. While the two settings have some considerations in common – such as the budget allocated and the function of the bollards in question – others aren’t quite as relevant for residential environments. For example, very few homes will need to have heavy duty measures such as anti terrorism bollards installed. Telescopic bollards are a far more common choice for most homeowners, as are lift out bollards (but to a much lesser extent). Having said that though, it’s still worth looking at all the options first, to see which ones will be most beneficial for you. Before choosing your own security bollards, for example, you’ll have to think about:

    What will you use your bollards for?

    Before you can make any major decisions on the bollard types that you’re going to get, you first need to know what you need them to do. While they might seem like simple devices on the surface, the applications of residential bollards can be surprisingly broad.

    For example, do you live in a high-traffic or high speed area, and want to protect your property in general from accidental collisions and fender benders? Or, is there a specific part of the house you’re protecting? Do you need them as a security and anti-theft measure, or are they an anti-parking measure?

    What’s your budget?

    The next biggest question after the function of your bollards is naturally going to be your budget, as you’ll need to think about how much you’re willing or able to spend. Thankfully, the huge range of bollards we offer here at Bollard Security are all very reasonably priced and affordable, giving you peace of mind that you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your home.

    What level of security do you need?

    Naturally, all of our bollards here at Bollard Security are fantastic anti-theft devices. However, you can improve upon that value even more by choosing the one best suited to your property. As we touched on above, most residents find that telescopic bollards are perfect for their needs, but residences in high-crime areas or with particularly valuable interiors may find themselves considering even sturdier options. We will say, however, that most of the heaviest (such as our automatic bollards) are better suited to commercial properties than private, unless you’re a classic car collector!

    Location – where exactly will you put them?

    For example, are you going to put them directly in front of your garage, or at the entrance to your driveway? If they’re simply a security measure to prevent someone driving away with your car, you might want to think about having them at your garage, but if you also want to prevent people from using your property to turn round, you might want to consider putting them at the entrance to your driveway instead. It’s a good plan to consider various other factors in your environment too, including how you and others will use it, so that you don’t inadvertently install them in an area which will turn out to be inconvenient in the long term.

    Convenience – do you want temporary or permanent bollards?

    As we’ve touched on above, the majority of our residential customers here at Bollard Security prefer telescopic bollards, as they provide the perfect balance between security and convenience. However, if you want to permanently reserve an area of your property for foot traffic only, then static bollards may well be the better choice. Again, it’s a decision that may seem clear cut on the surface, but requires more careful thought than might be immediately apparent.


    Depending on your priorities, the look of your bollards may not be quite as important as the other considerations on this list. However, at the end of the day they’re still about to become a feature of your home, so their appearance is something you may want to consider at least in passing. Our lift-out bollards come in several colours, so you can choose the one that best suits the appearance of your property.

    If you’re still wondering about which of our driveway bollards  or parking posts are best suited to your property, our experts are only too happy to advise! You can click the link above to explore our range, or give us a quick call on 01756 636 196.