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    Our top 3 household security tips for the winter

    bollard security

    Winter is here, and the darker nights means the rate of burglaries will likely increase as well. According to the Office of National Statistics, domestic burglary is 1.14 times more likely in winter than summer, so that means it’s definitely worth thinking about implementing some home security measures. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you out here at Bollard Security.

    Security is the nature of our business, and we’ve been supplying our customers with a wide range of parking posts, telescopic bollards, automatic bollards for driveways, and security bollards for nearly 20 years! As a result, we’ve learned a fair bit about what it takes to set up an effective home security system. So, here are out top 3 household security tips that you can use to keep your property safe this winter.

    Use a safe to protect your valuables

    You’d be amazed by the benefits that a safe can offer you. For starters, a decent safe is near impenetrable if you don’t know the code, and any attempts to gain access to it through force are more or less pointless unless you’re using some serious hardware (which most average crooks probably aren’t). They are a great place for storing your most treasured valuables, and they can be particularly useful during the festive season for hiding gifts. What’s more, insurance companies often offer discounts to homeowners with safes to store valuables. Happy days!

    Install an effective alarm system

    This might seem like an obvious one to you, but only about 10% of residential properties in the UK have a burglar alarm installed. Alarms are a fairly underused resource considering all the benefits they can afford people! As we approach Christmas, burglars will be aware that many households will now be storing various gifts for the big day, so now is definitely a good time to consider installing an alarm.

    There are plenty of options out there, such as bells-only alarms, where you place sensors in key locations in your home like doors and windows, which will trigger in the event of any tampering. Alternatively, you could opt for a dialler burglar alarm, which automatically dials your phone number when triggered.

    Install some security bollards

    The contents of your home aren’t the only items at risk from theft during the winter. If you want to protect your car, you won’t get much better than a solid driveway bollard. Security Bollards are a great deterrent and a nigh-on impassable obstacle. Most of them need a key to unlock, so even in the event that a thief manages to break into your car and start it up, there’s no chance they’re getting through our steel bollards are an impossible obstacle for the average thief to get through.

    These are just a few of the measures that you can put in place to ensure that your home is as secure as it can be this winter – and if you think your home could benefit from a set of solid security bollards, you’re in exactly the right place. If you’re interested and need any help in deciding which bollards are best for your property, or which ones would suit your aims best, then we’re only too happy to help. We have a huge variety of bollards to choose from, and our in-house experts are on hand to help you work out which ones are best for you. Give us a call on 01756 636 196 to see what we can do for you!