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    The 3 biggest benefits of residential bollards for private driveways


    Bollards are most common sights at commercial or official premises, and many of our products here at Bollard Security cater to customers in these sectors. Their benefits for commercial premises are clear to see in terms of the security screening and protection they provide. However, given that private residents aren’t often gifted with their own dedicated security staff, residential bollards can provide them similarly useful benefits. Though there are multiple context-dependent advantages, all of them generally fall under three main categories, which we’ll explore in more detail below.

    Safety and security

    We’ll start with the most obvious advantage, since it may be the one you were thinking of already. Sadly, vehicle theft is on the rise here in the UK, but fortunately drivers still have plenty of options to protect their cars. As well as smaller accessories like steering locks, security bollards are arguably an even more powerful obstacle to aspiring thieves. It’s a well known-fact that most thieves are opportunists, and as far as they’re concerned, every second counts. If they can see a solid obstacle such as a parking bollard blocking the way, most won’t take the risk.

    (For similar reasons, bollards can also protect your garage against the theoretical possibility of a ram-raid attack. Realistically, however, this is a rare scenario for most private homeowners, unless they’re locally known to keep a particularly rare or valuable vehicle parked in the garage.)


    This is a particularly key concern for most residential homeowners, especially those who live in high-traffic areas, or close to local amenities like shopping centres or cinemas. There are those who would argue that if you don’t own a car, you shouldn’t mind other drivers using your driveway. The (correct) counter argument to that point is that even those without vehicles still have a right to privacy, without expecting to have it infringed upon by drivers looking to save a few pounds on parking elsewhere. Equally, people simply using your driveway to turn around can cause unwanted noise and hassle. Now, it’s no secret that many drivers will avoid paid parking areas where they can, or just find the nearest possible space to turn round – rather than one that would cause the least noise.

    Though many respect the boundaries of private land, sometimes these boundaries are not always obvious to everyone, and besides, there are always those who will simply park wherever is most convenient for them. Parking bollards provide a great visual indicator of the boundaries your private space, as well as a physical obstacle to those who would otherwise ignore that indicator, allowing you to keep your privacy intact.

    Convenience and access

    Following on directly from our last point, it can be especially irritating to come home and find someone parked in your space, or blocking you by parking or turning as you’re trying to leave. Some homeowners prefer to tackle this by blocking in the opposing party in turn, but this can lead to angry disputes that might otherwise be easily avoided. Parking bollards for driveways are by far one of the simplest and easiest solutions to this issue, posing a physical impediment to drivers who might otherwise attempt either of these manoeuvres, and allowing you to get in and out of your property exactly when you please.

    Here at Bollard Security we have a huge range of parking bollards , telescopic bollards and parking posts for you to choose from, and if you’re having any trouble making your decision our experts are only too happy to advise. You can click the link above to explore our range, or give us a call on 01756 636 196.