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    The first 6 things to do if your business gets burgled

    bollard security

    It can be understandably distressing to discover a burglary at your business premises. So, if you ever find yourself in this type of situation, it’s essential to respond swiftly and effectively to minimise losses and ensure the safety and security of your employees and customers. We’ve spent over 15 years providing our customers with the most reliable security bollards, telescopic bollards and parking posts, here at Bollard Security, so security is our bread and butter. We’ve got plenty of expertise at our disposal, and so here we’ve used it to outline the crucial steps you should take if your business gets burgled.

    What to do after your business has been burgled

    First and foremost, it’s important to try and remain calm. Although a burglary is a really distressing occurrence to have to deal with, there are measures you can take to help ensure the best outcome for your business.

    • Prioritise safety – as soon as you discover that your business has been burgled, it’s important to ensure the safety of everyone present. If anyone is injured, immediately call for medical assistance. If the perpetrator is still on the premises or if it is unsafe to enter, do not take any risks. Instead, contact the police and give them as much detail as you can.
    • Secure the premises – once the authorities have been notified, take steps to secure the premises to prevent further damage or unauthorised access. Lock any broken entry points, such as doors or windows. You may want to consider temporarily boarding them up if necessary. If your business has an alarm system, ensure it is activated to deter potential future break-ins.
    • Document the scene – preserving evidence is crucial for insurance claims and police investigations. Refrain from touching or moving anything until the police arrive, as you may inadvertently tamper with valuable evidence. Take photographs or videos of the affected areas to provide a comprehensive visual record. Plus, it’s helpful to note any missing items and any damage caused during the burglary.
    • Contact your insurance provider – notify your insurance provider as soon as possible after the burglary. Provide them with detailed information about the incident, including the items stolen, the estimated value of the losses, and any damages to your property. Follow their instructions regarding the claims process and provide any additional documentation or evidence they may require.
    • Inform employees and customers – once the situation has been assessed and you have gathered the necessary information, inform your employees and customers about the burglary. Ensure that your staff are aware of any security protocols or additional precautions they should take. Assure your customers that you are taking appropriate measures to enhance security and minimise any potential disruption to their experience.
    • Cooperate with the police – provide them with any information or evidence they require. Share the documented evidence and provide any other details that may assist them in their efforts to apprehend the culprits. Prompt and active cooperation can contribute to the success of the investigation and increase the chances of recovering stolen goods.

    How can security bollards help to prevent burglaries?

    Our security bollards prevent burglaries by serving as physical barriers and deterrents. They can be used to create a perimeter around your business by restricting vehicular access and preventing unauthorised vehicles from quickly entering or escaping it. Some of our stronger bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impacts, which helps to deter ramming attacks. Our bollards also ensure that burglars cannot easily blend in or gain access to restricted areas. What’s more, the mere presence of bollards acts as a visual deterrent, signalling that the property is protected and increasing the perceived risk for burglars.

    Experiencing a burglary at your business can be a distressing event, but acting promptly and following the appropriate steps can minimise the impact and work towards recovery. And, if you’re interested in investing in some five-star rated security bollards to supplement your business security scheme, you’re in the right place.

    Here at Bollard Security, we carry huge stock of all types of bollards including parking bollards and telescopic bollards. Check out our products online to find out which ones could be the best fits for your business. And if you ever need any guidance or you’ve got questions that need answering, you can call up one of our in-house experts on 01535 509001 – we’re always happy to see how we can help!