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    The top 3 benefits of removable bollards


    Here at Bollard Security, our removable bollards are some of our most popular solutions for managing traffic and securing public spaces. They are essentially vertical posts that can be removed and installed as and where they’re needed, helping them to offer several benefits over other forms of traffic control. We’ve been the UK’s best supplier of security bollards and parking posts for over 15 years at Bollard Security, so we know exactly the ways in which our removable bollards can benefit you, whether you’re using them in a private or commercial setting.

    Effective security measure

    Our removable bollards are an effective way to secure public and private spaces. They can be installed in areas where there is a risk of vehicle-borne attacks such as in a public street, or in private residences where you wish to protect your home from theft and trespassing. What’s more, our removable bollards can be locked in place to prevent unauthorised access, and they can be easily removed whenever you like. So if you’re parking your vehicle up at home, then you can place a removable bollard in front of your car at night to ensure your car is safe from theft.

    Aesthetically pleasing

    We provide removable bollards in a range of styles and finishes, making them an attractive addition to public spaces. They can be customised to match the surrounding architecture and design, making them a visually appealing solution for traffic management and security. You’ll be happy to know that when it comes to our security bollards, you don’t have to choose between design or functionality. Here at Bollard Security, our in-house experts can help you to decide on the right bollards for you, taking in to account everything from colours, location, styles, finishes and the surrounding architecture to ensure they fit perfectly into your aesthetic.

    Easy maintenance

    Security bollards, CCTV and access equipment are far more likely to last longer when they’re well-maintained – plus, you can rely on them to remain effective over a prolonged period of time. That enables you to save a lot of money in the long run by significantly reducing the need for replacements, as well reducing the risk of accidents, injuries, thefts and so on occurring within your premises. Our removable bollards are really easy to maintain – as long as you keep them clean and free from damage, your removable bollards will last for years to come.

    Extremely strong

    Our removable bollards are made from galvanised steel, making them by far the most durable removable bollards on the market. They’re an excellent option for high-traffic areas, and can withstand high impacts from vehicles. Interested in buying a bollard?

    Here at Bollard Security, we carry huge stock of all types of bollards including parking bollards and telescopic bollards. Check out our products online to find out which ones could be the best fits for your business. And if you ever need any guidance or you’ve got questions that need answering, you can call up one of our in-house experts on 01756 363 196 – we’re always happy to see how we can help!