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    What can I do if someone parks on my driveway?

    Having someone park their vehicle on your driveway without permission can be frustrating and inconvenient, but unfortunately, it’s a common issue faced by countless people all over the UK. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it’s important to understand your rights and the actions you can take to resolve the problem effectively. Here at Bollard Security, we’ve been providing our customers with the very best security bollards and parking posts for over 15 years. We know the hassle that someone parking on your driveway can cause, so here are some steps you can take if you find yourself in this scenario.

    Someone has parked on my driveway, what should I do?

    There are a couple of things you can so in this scenario, the most important of which is not to get too annoyed, too quickly. There’s no telling why someone had chosen to park on your driveway, so it’s best to approach the situation cautiously.

    • Determine if it’s an emergency – before taking any action, assess the situation to ensure the driver doesn’t need any help. If the parked vehicle is causing an obstruction or blocking access to your property, proceed to the next steps. However, if it’s a genuine emergency, such as a medical situation, contact the emergency services immediately.
    • Attempt to locate the vehicle owner – if the vehicle doesn’t belong to any of your neighbours or if you’re unable to identify the owner, try leaving a polite note on their windscreen. Include your contact details and kindly request that they move their vehicle. Sometimes, people may park unknowingly or mistakenly, and a simple request can resolve the issue.
    • Speak with your neighbours – if you have a good relationship with your neighbours, it may be worth discussing the situation with them. They might be able to provide information about the vehicle owner or help discourage parking on your driveway in the future.

    I can’t find the driver, what should I do?

    If the vehicle is causing an obstruction and you can’t locate the driver, then there are some more direct steps you can take.

    • Contact the local authorities – if the previous steps haven’t helped, you can contact your local authorities. In the UK, unauthorised parking on private property is considered a civil matter rather than a criminal offence. That means the police may not be able to intervene directly. However, you can inform the local council or the non-emergency police line to seek guidance and determine if any local bylaws are in place to help you out.
    • Explore legal options – if none of the previous steps have resolved the problem, you may need to consider legal action. Consult a solicitor specialising in property law to discuss the situation, as they will be able to help you understand your legal rights. Plus, they can advise you on potential courses of action, such as obtaining an injunction or seeking damages for trespassing.
    • Install deterrents – as a preventative measure, consider installing visible deterrents to discourage unauthorised parking. This could include signage indicating private property, the use of bollards or gates, or installing security cameras. We can help you with one of those here at Bollard Security.

    We have a wide range of parking bollards and parking posts in stock here at Bollard Security, so you can take your pick from an excellent selection of bollards, including different sizes and styles. We supply and install security bollards nationwide and offer a speedy installation service. Plus, our price match promise means that we’re able to supply and install your parking posts and bollards the very best prices. Check out our products online to find out which ones could be the best fits for your needs. And if you ever need any guidance or you’ve got questions that need answering, you can call up one of our in-house experts on 01756 363 196 – we’re always happy to see how we can help!