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    What you need to know about vehicle crime trends for 2024

    Car Theft

    The DVLA has recently released statistics for vehicle crime throughout 2023, and the picture they paint is quite interesting – and to be honest, a little worrying. Motor theft was up by around 5%, with a total of 64,087 cars being reported stolen to the DVLA throughout 2023. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly one every 8 minutes.

    Understandably, that means a lot of drivers are taking another look at their vehicle security as we move even further into 2024. That’s exactly where we can help here at Bollard Security, with a huge range of driveway bollards, parking posts and more. Plus, we’ve got the inside scoop on a couple of particularly high-profile vehicle crime trends to keep an eye on this year.

    Keyless theft on the rise

    As a general rule, most modern cars have become a lot more difficult to steal over the last few decades, as more sophisticated security measures have now become standard additions (car alarms and immobilisers being amongst the two most very basic examples).

    However, one technological innovation which definitely hasn’t been as objectively good for customers has been, of course, keyless entry technology. According to Aviva, keyless entry vehicles are twice as likely to be stolen, and in fact, during 2023, almost 70% of all vehicle recoveries were related to keyless theft.

    Theft from vans on the rise

    One of the most concerning trends to emerge from the latest statistics involves the clear rise in van theft. It’s a particularly prevalent problem in London at the moment, with areas like Tower Hamlets, Newham, and Camden amongst the worst crime hotspots for stolen vans. And while it’s true that vans are generally harder to break into than they used to be, research quoted by the RAC found that only 42% of vans are fitted with an alarm as standard.

    Compounding the problem is the fact that the average van contains approximately £2,500 in tools, which means that thieves don’t necessarily have to be able to drive the van away to cause a potentially devastating loss – especially for a sole trader (as many van owners are). So while driveway bollards and parking posts can be useful in helping to protect the vans themselves from being driven away, it’s still worth bearing in mind that…

    Theft from vehicles remains the biggest risk

    Data from AA Insurance Services (published in May 2023) found that theft from vehicles rose by 9.9%, and that’s a trend that’s unfortunately remained prominent throughout the year. What’s more, a report from the Metropolitan Police found that tool theft from vehicles rose by 25% in 2022, and again that’s a trend that’s remained broadly steady.

    They’re quite startling numbers that serve to underline the importance of securing not just your vehicle, but also everything in it. If you can, it’s a good idea to completely empty your car or van of any valuables, especially if you leave it overnight. Business owners may also find it beneficial to use stickers that tell onlookers that there are “no tools or equipment left in this vehicle overnight”. Whether or not that’s true… well, we’ll leave you to weigh up the risk!

    As for us, we’ll stick to doing what we do best. For over 15 years, we’ve been installing and maintaining security solutions across the UK for domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors, and we take pride in providing quality products that give our customers peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 01535 509001 for advice and recommendations on the best Telescopic Bollards for your business premises!