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    Why is access control so important around schools?


    The average school takes in hundreds of children and teenagers every day, so it goes without saying that the buildings and facilities must be secure to ensure the safety of the students. Efficient access control ensures that the amount of people and traffic on the site and surrounding facilities is managed effectively, minimising potential security risks.

    At Bollard Security, we’ve been providing, installing and maintaining security solutions within the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK for nearly 20 years. So, we understand that access control is a necessity, especially where the safety of children is concerned. Our telescopic bollards are Sold Secure, and have accredited membership to the Secured by Design UK Police initiative for crime prevention. That mean not only can our bollards guarantee safety, but peace of mind as well.

    Why install bollards outside schools?

    Installing bollards to enhance the access control of schools serves multiple purposes. It organises the flow of vehicles and pedestrians during busy times, such as the start and end of the school day. It provides safety to students and staff doing school hours by preventing traffic-related incidents and unwelcome guests. And it also provides added levels of security when school isn’t in session and deters intruders or vandals from entering the premises.

    What benefits do bollards bring to school zones?

    As well as protection, our bollards offer numerous other benefits, such as enhancing a school’s aesthetic appeal. Bollards such as our SQ5 square telescopic bollard come with a wide range of colour options from black to red, green and yellow, which means they can easily be customised to match the school’s colour scheme, helping to provide a more uniform appearance and cohesion. For those looking for something more understated, many of our other bollards, such as our Semi-dome top stainless steel bollard and R14 LA (850) lift-assisted telescopic bollard, come in classic brushed stainless steel and matt black finishes that look sleek in any environment.

    Security bollards can also prevent pedestrians or parents from using staff facilities like carparks and off-limits roads. Our automatic bollards efficiently and quickly provide individual and instant access to vehicles belonging to staff and authorised visitors. This allows the school to effectively monitor who enters and leaves the premises.

    Our bollards provide an innovative and cost-effective way of implementing security measures compared to other systems like cameras and alarms. With their high durability, weather resistance and robustness, you can be assured that they are built to last and will give you value for your money. They’ll also help to prevent accidents and damages caused by vehicles and significantly reduce repair costs, making them an all-around solution for all your school’s security needs.

    If you’d like to enhance your school’s access control with security bollards, you’re in the right place! At Bollard Security, we have a vast array of bollards and parking posts to choose from, so we’re sure to have everything you need and more. Also, our in-house experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you select the right bollards for the job. Call us on 01756 636 196 today to see how we can help improve the security of your school premises!