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    Why should you choose steel bollards over stone pillars?

    steel bollard

    Bollard posts and stone pillars are both commonly used to protect and define spaces, and they’re incredibly efficient materials for the jobs that they perform. However, there are quite a few areas where steel has the upper hand – especially when it comes to security and parking.

    Let’s take a look at the various situations where steel bollard posts have the upper hand over stone pillars.


    When it comes to durability and sheer strength, stone pillars are no match for steel bollard posts. Steel can withstand a lot of wear and tear and can be repaired with ease. Stone pillars, on the other hand, are more susceptible to damage from impact, weather, and other external factors, such as vandalism.


    Stone pillars can also be used for a lot of the same applications as steel posts, but they’re nowhere near as versatile. Here are a few examples of when steel outperforms stone:

    • Protecting pedestrian walkways from traffic
    • Separating parking areas from traffic
    • High-traffic areas or areas where there is a risk of impact
    • Defining boundaries for landscaping and other features
    • Telescopic barriers in pedestrian zones
    • Driveway security posts
    • Lift up parking posts to prevent nuisance parking
    • Areas at high risk of vehicle ramming attacks, such as government buildings and airports


    Because steel is a relatively inexpensive material and steel bollards are easy to manufacture and install, they’re a far more cost-effective option than the stone pillar equivalent.

    And then there’s the small matter of upkeep. Steel bollard posts require far less maintenance than stone pillars because they can easily be cleaned and painted to maintain their appearance, so they’re a better long-term investment prospect – especially if they’re located in areas with harsh weather conditions.


    Steel bollards can be used to improve safety in lots of different situations. From protecting pedestrians and cyclists from busy traffic to truck stops and loading docks to withstand impacts from heavy vehicles, steel is the only sensible choice where safety is the utmost priority.


    Leading on from the safety aspect, steel bollards can be designed to bend or deform to absorb impact, which can help to protect vehicles and pedestrians. Stone pillars, on the other hand, are rigid and can shatter upon impact, potentially causing serious injury instead of preventing it.


    This might be a contentious one, but steel bollards just look better! Because they’re man-made, they’re available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and finishes to complement any landscape or architectural style. Stone, on the other hand, is just, well, stone!


    There are certain circumstances where a stone post would be too impractical to use because of how much it weighs. So, while it’s entirely possible to make a telescopic bollard out of stone, it would be too heavy for a lot of people to lift. It’s the same principle for automatic bollards; it could be done, but you’d need to install far more robust (and expensive) equipment to lift it.

    Another vote in steel’s favour is that, because it doesn’t weigh as much as stone, it makes the bollards lighter to carry, remove, and reinstall, saving time and potential injuries to the installers.


    This is a major advantage that steel has over stone. In an era of environmental responsibility, steel makes more sense to use because it’s a sustainable material that can be recycled.

    Bollard Security: Customer service that’s stronger than steel

    Steel bollards are the perfect choice for many situations. They’re more durable, versatile, cost-effective, and secure compared to stone, and if you’re looking for a bollard solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, then steel bollards really are the best option.

    We’ve been installing steel bollard posts, parking posts, driveway posts, and automatic, fixed, and telescopic posts across the UK for over 15 years. We’re extremely proud of our 5-star Google rating and have been personally endorsed by ‘Cowboy Builders’ TV presenter Dominic Littlewood, so you know that the job that we do is professional, of the highest quality, and completely trustworthy. Speak to our expert team for advice on the best steel bollard for your project today!