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    Why vehicle security is important to every business


    It’s fair to say that on-site security is a universal concern for all businesses, whether they’re retail outlets, private offices or government institutions. And while security bollards are a common sight at sensitive facilities, it’s sometimes easy for other organisations to allow accidental lapses in security, whether that’s through gaps in staff training, miscommunications, or simply lack of proper procedures in place. When vehicles are involved, this can have serious repercussions. Leaving aside the issue of theft and burglary (which we’ll go into in a future article), there are a number of other considerations to bear in mind when it comes to vehicle security for your business.

    Vehicle security from employees

    Parking collisions account for a large portion of total accidents being recorded every year. Obviously, a simple solution for businesses is to remind employees to be as attentive when pulling into and out of parking spots as they are on the road. Parking safety instructions for those driving company vehicles that are different from their own cars could save you quite a bit on insurance and repair bills. For example, your employees may be safe drivers but may not be aware of the risks high winds bring when they’re driving a loaded truck. Policies to avoid idling reduce the risk of accidents and save petrol, too. Unintentional contact with the accelerator isn’t a problem if the engine is off. On that note, bordering your parking spaces with security bollards can help protect pedestrians (whether employees or visitors) from the consequences of these accidents.

    Covering the costs of accidents and injuries

    When your employees are involved in an accident, you’ll need to cover the cost of repairing the vehicle. What’s more, if your employees are injured on the job, including when they’re driving a vehicle for your business, you’re liable for any medical costs this may incur and supporting them while they recover. Again, physical barriers can be helpful in this regard. Bollards set up at the edge of parking spaces can prevent visitors from crashing or parking in front of your doors. The open pylons would not prevent people from walking up to your building or along the sidewalk, and their rather unobtrusive profile is a better choice than fences and gates.

    Further safety and security considerations

    Parking posts can be used to protect expensive infrastructure as well. Set up parking posts around docks, petrol stations and other delicate equipment to prevent it from being hit by a passing vehicle or someone trying to pull up to it. You can use telescopic bollards to control access. For example, you could remove the telescopic bollards when you’re accepting deliveries or allowing vehicles in an area but put them in place to prevent others parking there at other times of day. Reflexive parking bollards are designed to absorb part of the impact, minimising the risk of someone driving on and hitting the corner of a building, while also causing minimal harm to the vehicle. If you operate a shop or financial institution, you may want to install bollards to stop criminals from ramming their vehicle into the building in ram raid attacks. Bollards also add a measure of safety from certain types of terror attacks.

    Here at Bollard Security, we offer a huge range of parking bollards and parking posts to increase safety and security on your premises. You can browse our site to explore our full range of telescopic bollards and liftout bollards, or get in touch by ringing us on 01756 636 196 to discuss your requirements.