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    How strong are telescopic bollards?


    With so many makes, models, sizes and strength options out there, we understand it can be difficult to know exactly what it is you’re getting for your money when you opt for one of our telescopic bollards, especially if it’s not something you have any real specialist knowledge on! Whether you’re looking at residential or commercial, galvanised or zinc plated steel, you can trust us to have all the experience and expertise we need to help you make a firm decision. So, to help you out, we’ve put together some info to help give you a bit of context as to what a telescopic bollard can offer you.

    What are telescopic bollards?

    Essentially, telescopic bollards are a secure steel barrier that serves as a line of defence between your property and any potential intruders. Our telescopic bollards are used by our customers throughout the UK in a range of settings, used for everything from preventing unauthorised parking in domestic driveways, to providing complete security in forecourts and car parks.

    They’re extremely versatile in their design, which allows them to be easily deployed, and discreetly stowed away. What’s more, several of our telescopic bollards are also fitted with integrated ‘assisted lift’ features which reduce the operating weight of the post by 70%, therefore complying with health and safety guidelines, while also making them easier to deploy.

    You can pick from either a basic galvanised finished, or options power-coated with a selection of any RAL colour for your telescopic bollards. Plus, a few of our products are also available with the option of a brushed satin stainless steel finish.

    That’s a lot of choice! This is precisely the reason that it can be a bit of a challenge to know what sort of bollard suits your need. We’ll break down a few of the options below.

    KTP3P – Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard

    Starting at the slightly lower end of the strength spectrum. The KTP3P – Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard is one of our more popular residential bollards, as it’s affordable, simple to install and service, and easy to operate.

    It’s a great deterrent against potential car thieves, and also serves as a handy parking post, stopping any wannabe driveway hogger from using your space. The post includes a robust PP10 70mm stainless steel discus padlock with a hardened steel shackle as standard. Now here’s where things get serious – the specifications of this bollard include 2 coded keys, a 7kg pull up weight, and a solid 4mm Zinc plated steel wall. Perfect for all your residential security needs.

    S14HD LA (670) Lift Assisted Telescopic Bollard

    Moving up the strength scale, we have the S14 670 Heavy Duty lift assisted bollard. Two things to note off the bat about this one – firstly, it’s classed as an anti ram bollard, and secondly, it’s an insurance company approved product. Essentially, this bollard means business.

    The S14 is ideally suited to all residential applications where the client requires a high level of security (for example – if you need to protect a large vehicle or a motorhome). This product can be equally as effective in a commercial environment as well – for example, as an extra layer of security to the perimeter of your building.

    This particular model features a 114mm diameter, 670mm height with the additional steel insert and a heavy duty 6mm thick steel wall. It’s simple to use, stylish, and the lift assisted mechanism is ideal for those who may struggle with lifting a standard manual telescopic bollard.

    The S14 has been awarded the Sold Secure and Secure By Design accreditation, and is our everyman here at Bollard Security, providing a solid security deterrent that’s suitable for both residential and commercial use.

    DAMPY B 220 Semi Automatic Telescopic Bollard

    We now come to our strongest product, the Dampy B 220 Semi Automatic Bollard. Like the S14, this is an insurance company approved, anti ram product.

    It’s designed to offer access control with an extremely simple operation mechanism which utilises special keys that raise and lower the bollards, locking it into place at the bottom. Plus, it can be provided in both galvanised steel with a powder coated anthracite grey finish, or grade 316 stainless steel, making it perfectly suited for heavy duty security checkpoints in commercial business areas.

    Aesthetically pleasing and extremely strong, these are our top of the range picks for those of you looking for some seriously strong bollards.

    If you need any further support with your purchases, or some additional buying advice, then you’ll be pleased to hear that’s exactly what we’re here for at Bollard Security! Don’t hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email on [email protected] calling us on 01535 509001. Our team will be happy to support you and can help find the best automatic bollards for your circumstances.