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    Stylish and secure – why security can still be easy on the eye

    bollard security

    Here at Bollard Security, we know that our security bollards get used in a range of different environments to serve a variety of different purposes. Our driveway bollards can be purchased in a variety of different colours, so you can enjoy all the security benefits they provide, while ensuring they’re still in-keeping with the aesthetic of your property. In addition to providing you with an aesthetically pleasing addition to your premises, a colourful security bollard can actually provide you with a variety of practical benefits. Here are a few of the most notable.

    An effective deterrent

    A vibrantly coloured bollard provides a clear visual deterrent that warns any potential thieves or trespassers that your property is protected. Many of the bollards we provide are striped yellow and black, which is a universally understood warning sign. However, the choice is yours when it comes to your security bollards! Each of our security bollards comes with a standard galvanised finish, which you can choose the colour for from our varied selection. What’s more, each of our bollards is finished with an additional powder coating for maximum durability.

    Maximise visibility

    The visibility provided by the colour selection for our bollards is particularly handy during those dark winter nights when visibility is low. For example, if someone is attempting to use your driveway to turn their car around (or park if they’re being particularly cheeky), then a brightly coloured bollard is great way of getting the point across that your property is not available for use.

    This is where a coloured bollard trumps a black bollard. The latter can quite easily blend into the dark of night, which could lead to an unsuspecting driver ploughing straight into it.

    A fantastic aesthetic addition

    Now we get to the main reason you’re here – can my bollards still be effective, as well as stylish? Well, you’ll be happy to know that when it comes to our security bollards, you don’t have to choose between design or functionality. Here at Bollard Security, our in-house experts can help you can help you to decide on the right bollards for you, taking in to account everything from colours, location, styles, finishes and the surrounding architecture to ensure they fit perfectly into your aesthetic.

    When it comes right down to it, of course, we recognise that you might be more concerned with the capabilities of your bollards than their colours. And rest assured, that’s where we can deliver! Here at Bollard Security, we pride ourselves on providing the best in cost effective, retractable bollards, all designed to be simple to operate and come in a range of heights, diameters and finishes.

    Our standard galvanised finishes mean that no matter what the time of day, our bollards are sure to be seen by everybody, regardless of the colour. So, if you’re already considering installing a set of telescopic bollards or parking posts, you might want to check out our post on how to properly choose the best ones. Alternatively, our experts are just a phone call away on 01535 509001 – we’re always happy to see how we can help!