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    When do you need a security bollard outside your home?

    Security Bollards

    It’s very likely that you’ve seen security bollards in public places, outside shops or blocking off private roads. However, it’s not as common to see security bollards posted on driveways. So, you might be thinking: should I have one? Do I need one? What are the benefits of having a security bollard outside my home?

    Well, here at Bollard Security we’ve been supplying, installing and maintaining security solutions within the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors throughout the UK for over 15 years. So, allow us to provide you with some answers!

    Why would I need a security bollard outside my home?

    If you want to protect your car, you won’t get much better than a solid driveway bollard from us. Security bollards are a great deterrent and a nigh-on impassable obstacle. Most of them need a key to unlock, so even in the event that a thief manages to break into your car and start it up, there’s no chance they’re getting through our steel unless they’re packing major hardware like a bulldozer (which isn’t exactly a common mode of transport used by thieves).

    What’s more, if your home is located in a busy residential area, a security bollard is a great way of preventing people from parking on your private driveway. Obviously, this isn’t a major security threat, but it’s still a really annoying issue to have to deal with!

    Can I use a parking post as a security bollard?

    In short, no. Parking posts are designed to reserve your parking space, but they aren’t strong enough to be used as a protective measure against car thieves. If security is what you’re after, then we’ve got some recommendations:

    • KTP3P Heavy Duty Telescopic Bollard – one of our more popular residential bollards. Affordable, simple to install and service, it’s been designed to be easy to operate. Suitable as a deterrent for both pesky parkers and potential vehicle thieves.
    • S14 670 Heavy Duty lift assisted bollard – classed as an anti ram bollard, and an insurance company approved product. It’s ideally suited to all residential applications, and especially useful if you require a high level of security for say, protecting a large vehicle or motor home.
    • R14 LA Lift assisted telescopic bollard – awarded the Sold Secure and Secure By Design accreditation. Made from galvanised steel with a powder coated colour of your choice, the R14 LA is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance.

    Ultimately, the choice is yours! If you’re looking for some peace of mind and an effective way of protecting your vehicle from thieves, then a security bollard is the way ahead. However, if you’re just looking for something cost-effective to stop people from using your driveway as their own personal parking space, then a parking post would be a more suitable choice.

    Here at Bollard Security, we carry huge stock of all types of bollards including parking bollards and telescopic bollards. Have a browse of our products online to find out which ones could be the best fits for your home. And if you ever need any guidance or you’ve got questions that need answering, you can call up one of our in-house experts on 01535 509001 – we’re always happy to see how we can help!